Business Meeting at a Cafe

We believe that in order to achieve success, it is our duty to our clients to help them achieve and understand the financial health of their business. We will always strive to offer you the tools to make sound financial decisions that will ultimately lead to growth and success. Your success is our number one priority.

Our Bookkeeper

Hello Everyone, I am Misty, and I am the bookkeeper, tax professional, and every other area of MDR Bookkeeping and Tax Services, LLC. I am passionate about small businesses, and believe they are the heart and soul of every community! I am growing this business because I see a need for small businesses to get help in this area. I want every small business to thrive!


We offer solutions to other small business owners that allow them to afford the services we believe are essential to keeping small businesses growing. Cash Flow is the number one cause of business failure. We offer solutions that will help you understand your cash flow and become better prepared for your future financially. We partner with each client to understand their needs, and to offer them a customized report each month/