Laptop and Flowers
Bookkeeping Services

Our services include: 

  • Organization of your financial documents.

  • Entering all income into accounting software.

  • Entering all expenses into accounting software.

  • Any needed invoicing for clients.

  • Any needed bill payments for clients.

  • Monthly bank reconciliation

  • Customized Monthly Financial Reports.

Office Work
Payroll Services
We offer payroll services that include:
  • Preparing Employee Payroll
  • Direct Deposit or Paper Checks
  • Submittal of FICA, Federal, Social Security, and Medicare Taxes.
  • Submittal of State Taxes.
  • File all Federal and State Returns.
We will be happy to complete on your schedule.
Our plans include up to 10 employees, we will customize any plan with more employees.
Young Businesswomen
Business Budget Bootcamp
We designed this for those businesses that do not chose to have a bookkeeping service, but would like help with designing a budget to meet goals.
The Bootcamp will consist of a total of 4 meetings. The meetings are to discuss your goals and needs, then a budget will be designed for you. The meetings are over a three month period.
Done Deal
Tax Related Services
We offer several tax related services:
  • Sales Tax Submittal
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Small Business Tax Returns
Please forgive our delay on the federal tax returns this year, we will have a more comprehensive list for the 2022 Tax Season.