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What Are Your Dreams?

Are you letting your dreams stay dreams, or are you pursuing them? We often let life, circumstances, or fear keep us from taking the steps to turn our dreams into reality. This has been one of my biggest obstacles to my dreams. Letting myself get caught up in the thinking that I can't do things because of reasons that are mostly in my own mind. I thought I would share this week, one of my dreams from High School until now, getting a college degree. For more reasons than I can say, from simply bad choices to life situations, this has always stayed a dream. Now, I am going to work towards making it my reality.

I can tell you that it is a very scary thing to go back to school at almost 50 years old, but I know it is time, and now more than ever, I have more reasons to go than to let this dream go unfinished. I have an obligation to my clients to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can, so that I am able to offer them the best service possible. Sometimes, it is just easier to do for others, than just doing for self, so this has prompted me to enroll in Community College to get an Associate's Degree in Accounting and Finance.

It will mean a lot of hard work trying to balance everything, but I feel it will be worth it, and I hope maybe it can inspire others that have waited like I have to go on and do it. No matter what the dream, just take the first step, and then one step at a time until your dream is your reality. Most of our reasons are no more than excuses to allow us to think we can't achieve what we want to, and there is only one way to know for sure if the dream is achievable and that is to just get on with the process and see what happens.

I am inviting you on this journey with me, and I will let you know how things are going! I hope each of you will take your on journey into your dreams, and let me know how you're doing as well!

Enjoy all the forks and paths along the way!

Misty D. Rodriguez

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