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Misty's Story

Let's take a little history trip, shall we? We will begin with being a child that loved to read and play office. From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to work in an office. I took a long journey to get here, but I did arrive around two years ago in an office.

As a young adult I began having the desire to own a business. At that time my dreams consisted of an old fashioned ice cream shop. I am sad to say that dream never became a reality, but if we move ahead to around a little less than a decade ago, I became a business owner. By this time the dream had changed again, and I chose candle making as the beginning of my business. I added body care and other smell good things to it, but the heart of a crafter was born.

That business was the real beginning for me, and while I made a lot of mistakes I kept it for over seven years. I then had to make decisions for the future, and for several reasons, I chose to begin a different career entirely. Then came the era of the office.

There was a need for education, and I did not want to go for a time consuming degree, so the choice was made to take a tax class. This was an easy choice, since I had always taken care of my own taxes, it was a familiar area. I also got a very pleasant surprise with this new career path, I loved it. We are now two years away from the present, and I am working for a company. My dream was pushing it's way to the front of my mind.

Through all the doubt and fear that dream pushed and finally this year it was born. The passion for small businesses has always been part of my soul, so that is the area I chose to work in. The belief that everyone should have the opportunity to see their dream born, and to have someone that understands the struggle, fear, and help needed in the bookkeeping and tax side of the business, led me to now.

The belief that small businesses are the heart and soul of every community is not a new concept, but there are not as many resources available for the very small business owners to get help with this area, so here I am. The offer to collaborate, and to advocate has taken root, and together we can grow into the success that each of us believes we can achieve.

Thank you for taking time to read a little of my story. I tried to keep it short while giving a little of the journey I have made. Mostly I hope you know I do understand the struggles and changes that life can bring, and I want to help with your journey through bookkeeping and taxes, which is the key to the financial health of your dreams.

Misty D. Rodriguez

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