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Don't I Have Enough To Do?


This blog is for those that not only run a business, but also make their products! The struggle is very real for all of you that have the tasks that must be done, then add in the creative side of designing the products, and then make the products. The fun stuff!! Well, yes you do have more than enough to do, so I am going to give you a list of reasons to take away one of the tasks. Want to know more?

Here's the list:

  • You are supporting another small business

  • You will be supported in return

  • It will give you time to focus on the creation of your creativity

  • You will be able to use that time to make money for your business

  • It is a tax deduction

  • Outsourcing creates a stronger small business community

Now, have you guessed what I am talking about outsourcing? Yes, of course it is your bookkeeping and taxes! I have reworked my pricing with all of you creatives in mind, and I believe in supporting each other, so what do you say? Are you ready to work together, so that we can make a stronger community?

I ran a business for almost seven years making candles and designing and making body care products, so I get it. Now, I am ready to take over your bookkeeping and taxes to let you create. I want to support you, and help you create the business you dream of through taking care of the financial side of your business for you!

You can reach me for a free consultation through this site!

Thank you for reading,

Misty D. Rodriguez

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