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Building a Team for Your Small Business

I was recently given some advice that just clicked for me, so I am going to share it with you, along with some other information. When you are starting your business, the most necessary part of to build your team. I will share who should be a part of that team later in the post, but first I wanted to say that it just hit me how important it is that we as small business owners do not try to do this alone. We need others to learn how to set up our business systems, and in order to build our business.

We can find so much information these days, however, that information often leaves out vital parts that should be included. This is the reason we need a team to consult with from the beginning, or if you are like me, and have already started then as soon as possible after beginning. I know this is not very exciting, but building a successful business is, so if that is your goal, and you would like advice on the best way to do that then read on!

On this team every small business needs will be the following:

  • An attorney

  • Either a CPA or Bookkeeper

  • Mentors through the SBA or SCORE

  • Co-working members or Small Business Owners to begin to build your network

  • Insurance Agent

These are only the basics that are a necessary part of your team to get your business set-up properly, and to guide you through the legal processes, and other areas that can be confusing. By having these professionals on your team, you have access to information, and you have began to build a network for future referrals. The set-up and building of a small business is often a minefield in the first few months. There are so many things to do and to learn that it is difficult sometimes to know if our decisions are the right ones. If you have experts on your team, then their advice will take the weight of decisions off your shoulders.

We are not built to do this small business owner thing alone, and when we join together, we learn and grow with each other! I can't tell you how many times I have felt overwhelmed, and just needed someone to listen, that is often the part that keeps us going.

One more thing I personally would like to recommend, find an organization in your community that offers support. If you are a female, then I recommend the American Business Association. It is national with local chapters in most areas. They are not only a wonderful support system, they also offer many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I truly hope that you find this information useful, and if there is anything that I can help you with please contact me. I love helping other small businesses, and would be honored if any of you new small business owners would like me on your team!

Thank you,

Misty D. Rodriguez

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